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Bit of news regarding the Learning Games Initiative

Category : Research Mar 5th, 2013

I’m pleased to announce that I have joined the Learning Games Initiative as a Regional Director. I’ve been loosely associated with LGI for several years. In the long run, the new title probably means I’ll be helping to organize some projects. In the shorter term, it means that you’ll soon be able to borrow some of the game cartridges stashed in a drawer in my office, and that students in my upcoming History of Video Gaming class (offered Fall 2013 at IIT) will get to do some hands-on work developing archive exhibits.

Barbie for Nintendo cartridge

Speaking of games in my office, I totally have this gem on hand.

The Learning Games Initiative Research Archive believes in preservation through use, which meansĀ researchersĀ at all levels, ranging from grade school students to full professors, can use items in the archive. While those with the time and resources may chose to visit the main archive in person, the archive also regularly mails things out to researchers. So, if you’re working on games, feel free to dig through the LGIRA online database to see what you can find; if you can’t find something, drop a line to one of the co-directors. Some items haven’t been cataloged yet, and they’re constantly getting new items in.

With regards to my class next semester, students will be working with LGIRA and using Omeka to develop exhibits covering topics relevant to the archive collections. I have a preference toward having students make things when I can, and I’m excited for the teaching opportunities my work with LGI will make possible. LGIRA is one of the largest gaming archives in the United States, and working with holdings there will not only provide students with some knowledge of an amazing collection, but will also allow them to roll up their sleeves and dig into Omeka.