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Belatedly Introducing Choice: Texas

Category : Gender, Research Sep 12th, 2013
Choice: Texas logo banner

Here’s a banner version of the logo by Grace Jennings.

A few weeks ago, Allyson Whipple and I launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the completion of an interactive fiction game we’ve been working on called Choice: Texas. The game explores reproductive healthcare access in the state of Texas, and we’ve been working on it since last winter. I first started kicking around the idea for a game about the topic about a year ago, but that’s more of a prehistory than the actual story of the project.

In any case, what I actually wanted to post about briefly is just what a wild ride this project has been. We’ll be taking a rough demo (we’ve been calling it a prototype) to F.R.O.G. 13 in Vienna in two weeks. We’ve been working with a great illustrator, Grace Jennings, and we’ve now raised our entire production budget with a week remaining on the IndieGoGo campaign. We’ve been just about overwhelmed by all the support we’ve gotten, and we’ve definitely been overwhelmed by some of the media attention the project has attracted. We did write and circulate a press release, and we hoped a few blogs would cover us, and that would be great. And, a few blogs and sites we love and follow did cover the project, but so did some pretty heavy hitters.

I don’t want to babble about this too much, but suffice it to say that I’m really grateful to everyone who has supported this project with words or dollars or both. Social media has played a significant role in getting this off the ground. So, thanks everyone. And, if you want to follow what we’re up to, we’re here, or if you want to throw money at us, you can do that here (at least for a few more days).