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Going Cardboard: Documentary

I was fortunate enough to get to see Going Cardboard, a board game documentary by first-time director Lorien Green. The documentary features interviews with board gamers, including collectors and critics, as well as both well established and aspiring game designers.… Read the rest

THATCamp Games postmortem

Category : board games, Digital Media, Gaming · (3) Comments Feb 14th, 2012
THATCamp Games postmortem
THATCamp Games Cake

We quickly discerned that the cake was not a lie.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend THATCamp Games. The “unconference” is one of a number of THATCamp (The Humanities and Technology Camp) events held throughout the year.… Read the rest

Pandemic and Collaboration in Games

Category : board games · No Comments Oct 28th, 2011
Box cover for Pandemic Boardgame

Cover of Pandemic

A few weeks ago, some friends had us over for a game night. We played a few hands of Pirate Fluxx, during which I tried, unsuccessfully, to argue that I should get “talk like a pirate” points for speaking in my normal voice, since I had participated in the heyday of Napster when I went to college.… Read the rest

The Board Games at the End of the World

Category : board games, Gaming, Representations of Gaming · No Comments Jul 13th, 2011

On Sunday, my fiance and I went to a “dystopic double feature” as part of the Paramount’s summer film series. The first of the two films, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, was one we both had seen before and love.… Read the rest