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Women of Color Working in the Industry

Category : Miscellaneous Jun 29th, 2012

Daniela Capistrano, a multi-media producer and journalist over at Current TV, is working on a guide for young women and girls interested in pursuing careers in the video game industry. The guide is tied to the work she has already done on a series of articles on themes addressed at the Games for Change Festival. For examples, see “Keep calm and play video games: 5 ways to level up your life through gameplay” and this piece on coding literacy as a human right.

In producing the guide, Capistrano is seeking out women who work in the industry; at present, she’s working especially hard to find women of color working in the industry. If you work in the industry and are interested in helping out, or you know someone who might be, please get in touch with Capistrano at

From the Tumblr post on the project:

Right now I’m working on a mini guide for young girls and women (cis, trans, etc.) looking to pivot into the video game industry. Although42 percent of all game players are female, less than 10 percent of the gaming workforce is female.

The guide will be broken down by areas within the industry so that ladies (particularly WOC) understand the options and what it takes to break in, overcome obstacles and educate themselves in advance. However, I need more interviews with women of color who work in the industry. Can you help me find them and compile a list of names?

These women can work for big companies, indie outfits, at startups or as roving freelancers.

In addition to being a mini guide, this piece will also (hopefully) be an opportunity for readers to rethink how gaming can be used to cultivate lifelong learners and bridge the digital divide. I want to provide examples from women in the industry using their own curiosity as a tool to both break into the video game industry (both through college and DY-style) and to uplift others in her life by helping them increase their digital literacy.

I have completed some great interviews with several women in the industry, however most of them have been white or asian and I want to be sure to include as many WOC voices as I can.

So, help a chica out! I want to compile a list of women of color who work in the video game industry, as well as be put in touch with WOC to interview: producers, product managers, designers, programmers, QA testers, community managers, marketing coordinators, etc.!

The full post is available here. Please pass along. This guide has the potential to be a highly useful resource.